Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Last laughter

I don’t know what got into us, but thank god Mama wasn’t there
to see us laugh in the face of death and dare the old man to
strike us dead. That laugh is a compass I wear in my hair
so I can find you again in the dark, and when I do our hearts
clink back together and I’m a whole sister again. Just think
you said. Imagine this: My body is giving up every scrap of extra
just to keep me alive so we can bother about my death and plan to
charge this credit card up to my baggy butt. But—no buts.
You cannot save me. You can only help me go. Oh, no.
Walk it off, you said. You’re not the one dying. It’s my turn.
Your chemo skin swirled around you like moths, and your bald
face split into a laugh like lava, like a hot spring bubbling upward,
like a token you passed to me, like you never laughed in your life.

Go over to the dverse pub and read the words and words and words.


Brian Miller said...

hard reality...the chemo...i am glad she was able to find laughter in it and not let it take from her the life she is trying to fight for...

Steve E said...

Life is BIG, and (I believe) it does not end, but continues on and on, into a forever I cannot imagine.

This line (as do others) carries SO much meaning:

"..You cannot save me. You can only help me go....You’re not the one dying. It’s my turn."

It speaks to me, What Power is there, even in death.

GOOD write, Angelique. Thanks! BTW, I also want answers--but do not know the questions.

Sweet Pea said...

When you speak or write about your sister it draws me even closer to mine. This poem shows the bond you shared and even in the hardest moments you eased each other with laughter and let her go her way. We can all learn from that.

Susan said...

"Last Laugh" is a great gift from a sister, "a Compass" and "a token" so the narrator (you?) can never lose the way to her huge sharing spirit. Thank you for this Powerful Poem!

Susan said...

to a sister?

jane hewey said...

powerful and clear writing. thank you.

Karen said...

So hard and so true.

SG said...

Great blog!