Sunday, July 8, 2012

As above, so below

Your heat transfers to the surface of my brain
when you touch down on the planet we own and
set your sweat-hot boots aside to rest on me. In me,
like I am the rock that formed around your molten core.
I'm not afraid. You have the same ice eyes you had
as a boy and those lashes, like thirty lashes, still flick me
with their secret code. Don't look now. I dare you to laugh.
Did you ever sit out on the porch and watch a hot prairie
storm form over the fields, laying down the corn like a lover,
while I sat watching two miles away as the lightning pointed
out your family land and lit up the wind overhead?
Of course you have. Well, that.
My heart is the same hot storm even now.

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4 comments: said...

Angelique!!! Where you been!!! Great to read your words again....very much enjoyed this.....there's something here about that flame of love, and assign, it never dulls (and burns brighter when you're with that right person)....the backdrop to the poem - the storm, the lightning, just really heightened and intensified those emotions....the heat, the lightning, the images of the cornfields.....great imagery and sentiment.....loved it

Grandmother said...

Oh, those lovers! Boy grown to man and storms that lay down corn. And how they weave together in shared history to bare your heart. I like this a lot!

thejuliebook said...

Hi Angelique. Thanks for your comment on my poem--I hadn't considered the tire rhythm, but I am considering having a harmonica player join me to perform the piece, and your comment's given me some ideas about how to make it work!

I could feel the heat radiating from your piece--you did a beautiful job of using the storm to heighten the intensity of the story its telling.

Sweet Pea said...

Intense. Those words just melt of off the page. Beautiful. You spent your time well.