Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I’m a thinker.
I put words together,
links and seams,
daydream, fantasize,
write down my dreams,
live in my head,
purposely absent-minded,
perfectly lagging,
solitary, literary, mad.

So this is the vernal equinox,
a day so balanced that eggs
will stand on end, and I am
tipped so far over that I can
see the world between my legs.
But now I’m really mad.

I see that I cannot be only the chronicler,
the girl with the stories in her pockets,
the researcher, note taker, fool.
I can’t be the one who reads and thinks
and lets the world wallow and sink.


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Claudia said...

nice.. and oh i like how you put the words together..and that's the magic isn't it..that we're not just chronicler but dash in our own daydreams and emotions that can be so unbalanced at times that the ground starts shaking...and it's fine..

Brian Miller said...

no i can not leave the world the way it is...i can not...i like the tipped over enough to see the world between you legs as well, smiles.

Sweet Pea said...

You're a word warrior! Loved it.

Jannie Funster said...

Wow, it's true! I just tried it and my eggs are all standing on end.

Awesome to meet your words.