Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What I Know about Your Heart

Anatomically, a heart is small,
the size of a fist, and not really a heart.
A doctor will tell you: there is no way
a heart can make a spark of light,
but I know better. I can read by yours.
Your heart is a planet lit from within;
smoldered by your solids, calmed
by your waves. Sometimes the clarity
pierces me: so that I say: and I am a small creature
on an unexplored planet in a solar system
that is constructed of only you.
You always know the way back.
Your heart is a steed, a ride as smooth
as love is thorny, hooves striking sparks,
nostrils breathing fire, a mount that rises as I rise.


José de Páez, c. 1770. Sacred Heart of Jesus with Saint Ignatius of Loyola and Saint Louis Gonzaga.


hedgewitch said...

Very resonant for me--to me the most compelling attraction a man can have is clarity and the ability to talk sense, and I see the light your speaker describes shining here. The solar system analogy is quite sharp, as well.

Brian Miller said...

a ride as smooth as love is thorny..spot on with that line...love that you can read by the light of the heart...that tells me much of the person....

Pat Hatt said...

What do doctors know, huh? Can be seen by the light, that would surely be quite the sight. Nice write!

Sweet Pea said...

Sullivan Ballou has nothing on you! What a stellar tribute to love.

Caroline said...

Brilliant. Just BRILLIANT

Mary Dawn said...

i really like this