Monday, February 20, 2012

Three Steps of a Kiss

A kiss begins with the eyes.
If yours meet across the dishware, if you
fall brain body breath into each other,
if you drink the eyes the lips the eyes
the lips, regardless of the sound
you never hear, continue to
step two: the hands.

The skin is electric, grows hot with
thought. If I press my palms against your
ribs to cool your blood, to read your
smoky outline, I will know your heart.

Step three: lean into me, let me feel
the static between our lips before we touch.
If you notice me rummaging under your ribs,
a pickpocket, an investigator, be quiet.
I have to know. Because a kiss
ends with the soul.



Leslie Hanna said...

Oh, wow. Is it warm in here? :)

Michelson said...

So beautiful, so subtly erotic. Had SO read it. She said, "brings tears to my eyes" as she ... (I'm busy)

Claudia said...

oh i like...a kiss ends with the soul for sure..and maybe also starts with it...nice..

Brian Miller said...

nice touch the rummaging under the rib cage...yes we do have to know the intensions behind it...smiles...

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Oh, I like everything about this piece!

Charles Miller said...

Aha, I read this earlier and liked it then, just like I like it now. Using the stages to guide us thru the poem is a great technique, which you use so well. The passion and sensuality suggested, which is very welcome given a propensity to indulge in erotic showmes prevalent these days (myself included!). Wonderfully and subtly written.

hedgewitch said...

Always a delight to read a love poem without gawk and gush--this is cool as spring water, and as thirst quenching.

Buddah Moskowitz said...

OO-wee! Was this good! This is enviable good! Can't say enough good stuff about this... dee-lishus!

Seriously good, thanks.

ayala said...

Nice piece ;)